Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monster Birthday Bash

A monster themed first birthday!
So fun!
My client, Julie sent me a link to this little monster party from the Pinwheel Lane shop on ETSY that had inspired her:

I loved it!  I used their monster to inspire the design of my own monster vector for the card.
Julie wanted to stick with mostly green/orange/navy for her party.

Thought it might be fun to show how the front of this card evolved before I show the final product:

And . . . drumroll please:


I never expect to see a perfectly developed card in the very first round of proofs.  Creating the perfect card is a multi-step process.

The card design process generally goes something like this:

Step 1: First draft sent to client for viewing.
Step 2: Client gives thumbs up or down on design and/or picks favorite design (if you don't love the designs, we can come up with more designs from scratch!!).
Step 3: We work from clients favorite design, we look at different fonts, colors, pictures, sizing, patterns, etc. 
Step 4: Final Polishing - last revisions leaving a beautiful card for your occasion!

More designs to come!



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