Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall is in the air.

I can't believe Halloween is around the corner.
I must take a minute for a shout out to myself!!
I have halloween costume anxiety.
See this post from last halloween.

That said - my kids are all outfitted and ready to go for Halloween, and the calendar still reads SEPTEMBER.
That's right ladies and gentleman.
And . . . guess what  . . . you might want to sit down for this . . . our WHOLE family might just coordinate.
Can you believe the Ellingson's are prepared for something?
This is a historic day for us.

Ok - enough about my life, check out this Halloween party invitation I designed for a client.
Why are stripes so appealing?
Enjoy your Halloween party Michelle!

Size: 5x7
Paper Type: Art Watercolor
Cost: $1.30/card


Do you need a card for your halloween/holiday party?
We can recycle this design, or do a custom one just for you!
Remember - I can now order as few as 10 cards!
**recycling this design will eliminate the design fee**



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